Monday, 3 August 2015

For the next election, a semi-sincere effort will do.

I don't want a perfect Canada, "perfect" being the enemy of the good.  Bumbling along with competing policies, sometimes all of them wrong, is better for our country than being driven by 'pure laine' ideology.  Wanting hate-free speech or completely open markets to prevail is over reach. Likewise the view that we must all have a Come-To-Jesus moment or a meat-less, zoo-less, border-less world is intemperate.

One of my grandfathers would say: "Why is the sea so close to the shore?  The answer is, no matter how thin you slice it, it's still baloney".     Some facts on the ground simply ARE and wishing to prevail over them by superior logic is folly.   "It is what it is" is a helpful insight, not a cop-out.  Life is a bit muddled and sort of complicated, not well-served by an ideologue.

"All that’s needed is a semi-sincere effort to avoid big deficits, combined with a semi-decent amount of economic growth".
How long is the coast of Great Britain?
It depends on your ruler
but it is what it is.

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