Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hire Math

Retail staff may get lost having to count back your change but this story from a Burger King in the Okanagan beats them all.  The till showed my friend was owed 99 cents in change. The young lady rounded it off in her head and handed him two dimes.  He says "That's a mistake" and hands back the dimes.  She thinks about it and rounds it the other way, handing him a dime and a nickel this time.   He wishes I could post the dumbfounded look on her face when she still didn't get it.

This teenager didn't get along with "Matthew Matics" but there's also a school system that let her down.


  1. Sadly, this is the norm for far too many kids these days. Our children are reasonably numerate, thanks to having gone through the school system before the "they all have calculators, so they don't need skills" mentality took hold.

    1. Interesting that she had a problem in the age of calculators. Government created inflation led to the demise of the penny. The demise of the penny led to retail staff having to round things off in their head because the till calculator couldn't keep up.