Sunday, 9 August 2015

In praise of sexism

Discriminating choices based on gender are useful.  Sexism has a bad rap but high economic value.  Speaking as a man, if she leans her head against my shoulder, looks deeply into my eyes or shows a little cleavage, I'm immediately disposed to put pleasing her above my home, inheritance, kinfolk, and occupation.  This works both ways.  Only a fool would take that high energy impact off the negotiating table.   Exploiting conventional assumptions about sex roles creates leverage for wealth, respect, descendents, power and happiness.

So what if it is discrimination-based-on-sex?   Even a duck's brain is big enough to make important life choices based on sex and it works for them.  The extra 1300 grams of brain-packed cranium that we sport is very clever but not clever enough to change what's baked in.    Get used to it.  The frontal lobe's agenda isn't the brain stem's agenda. gives this primary definition of sexism: 
"Attitudes or behavior based on traditional stereotypes of gender roles."

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