Friday, 25 September 2015

Lizzie May Is Back

The signs are clear: Elizabeth May will be back in parliament with more votes.  For the first three weeks in Saanich-Gulf Islands, hers were the only signs on private lawns and public intersections.  Lots and lots of private signs right from the get go.  Was the Green Party the only one reading the papers about the coming election call?  The Also-Ran parties have signs up now.  You think the conservatives, at least, would have been ready.  At a wonderful weekend on one of the Gulf Islands (Galiano), May signs owned the stage as if Green was the only party in existence.   I've seen some vandalized signs but none were green.

Seven weeks in, the Green Party still has the most private lawn signs up.  They use photos in key spots. This appears to be a technical breakthrough others haven't heard about.  Based on the sign below, I'm predicting the Greens will grow their vote share in the entire Victoria area.
Great (photoshopped) ad conjuring up a team for the Victoria region.
Elizabeth has a cheery smile and doesn't make herself look like Numero Uno.

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