Monday, 7 September 2015

Migrant Selfies versus Selfless Marines

Young male migrants made the news, snapping a selfie to celebrate their progress into Europe.  The famous photo of Marines raising the Stars and Stripes at Iwo Jima has a similar composition but the opposite message. The young guy with the ciggie managed to bring a selfie stick on his trip, while the team of marines spilled blood to raise their nation's flag.  The former celebrate by looking at themselves while the latter look to the job.

I know there are distressed refugees by the thousands as well as economic migrants and I know the Iwo Jima photo was "Take two" and soldiers aren't saints.   But a lot of young men are suddenly "Syrian" as they drop drivers' licences for Iraq and Bangladesh and Pakistan at the border.

There's a gif here clipped from the original film that shows the Iwo Jima photo is not a pose but a swift action.

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