Saturday, 19 September 2015

Much Better Than The U.S.A. Vote Conservative to keep Canada that way.

Canada looks pretty good when Gallup polled us about freedom from corruption.  We stand 13th in the world while the USA has drifted to 25th.
Gallup corruption poll
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Three quarters of Americans are pretty sure government is corrupted while only 46% of Canadians have that opinion about our own operation.   (46% isn't good enough.  In Sweden almost everyone thinks government plays by the rules except for the 14% tin hat brigade).

P.18 Fraser Institute report|
on Economic Freedom.
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Considering Economic Freedom measured by the Fraser Institute in 2015, we are at #9 and the US at #14.  (Page 18 at the link).

P.25 Happiness Survey
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And under a third criterion, "How happy are the citizens?", we look good. (Page 28 at the link). Canadians rank 5th while Americans rank 15th.

It's a pattern.
We're better.
Vote Conservative. Keep what we have.

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