Friday, 11 September 2015

Trump principle: Handle paper once. Respond.

I like the samples of Trump's writing. The many examples on Google have this in common: Each time a piece of paper came across his desk, he made a decision how to get it off his desk in plain English. He didn't make copies or use a secretary.  If you read "Up the Organization" by Peter Townsend, you'll know his advice is to handle paper only once.  Assign it or do it but don't dither.


  1. Then again, there's something to be said for Napoleon's attitude toward correspondence - ignore it for two weeks and if the problem hasn't evaporated, deal with it.

  2. Unfortunately, would not work for most of the paper that crosses my desk: unless I reference it and cross-reference it, and then file same (am certain The Donald has someone who does his filing), am certain my clients will have a problem when (and not if) CRA comes calling.