Thursday, 10 September 2015

"With a face like that". Trump polling about to rise.

His latest crime is to say aloud what you probably thought about Carly Fiorina.  "Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?". That's an impolitic remark but she does have a funny look.  Back in the day I was keenly for Preston Manning and was stunned my mother could never vote for him because his voice sounded funny.  She didn't know his policy but she sure knew his voice didn`t sound quite normal.

One of my favourite new US
politicians and her face
looks a little funny.
Trump goes on to half-ways apologize, saying "I'm not supposed to say bad things" about a woman. Lettered idiots took to the press and airwaves this morning to declare Trump doesn't like women because the full quote goes like this:`Ì mean, she`s a woman, and I`m not s`posedta say bad things." Horse-puckey.  They can nail him for having a few shards of old-fashioned chivalry but not for misogyny."   And what`s with phonetic hick spelling instead of saying "supposed to"?  If a mid-westerner says "haow" for "how", do the press need to go phonetic to write the story?  We both know what's next: another bump in the polls for Donald Trump.

And for a treat, I remember Peter Gzowski of CBC fame sending out his team of stalwarts on a scavenger hunt. One of the finds was to be a "Two Year Old Canadian Wine".  The best submission was a clip of Preston Manning saying "Mr Speaker, Mr Speaker!` in a whiny tone.  (Sadly, this gem doesn't show with Google).

UPDATE: Scott Addams, creator of "Dilbert" makes the same
point and adds detail.


  1. How frivolous. He should be mocked for being trivial, not lauded.

    To spin your link: "The sale in this case is the idea that Trump’s hair will be a problem with voters."