Friday, 11 September 2015

You vote party, not representative.

Since when did I think my MP was in any way my voice?   In forty five years I've voted party line all but once.  Parliament wants us to vote for representatives but mostly we vote party.   The ballot never offers a party. It offers a man who supports a party.  That means the system as designed and the system as used don't match.  Most of us want to vote for Prime Minister.  It's on our mind when we X the ballot.  
Unless you live in the PM's riding, you will never get to vote for Prime Minister. Something's wrong when the structure is ignored by the users. I think the party system, while natural, is a kind of infection on the body politic.  If you get rid of parties however, they will find a way back in. The idea of representative government is a great one, just not one we live under.

Is your vote designed to be heard or be course adjustments for the people who like to run things?

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