Friday, 23 October 2015

"Arctic waters unpolluted". 31 Bits of Plastic.

Partisan headline:  "Plastic Litter Taints The Sea Surface, Even In The Arctic"
Alternate headline:  "Arctic waters unpolluted"

The sky is falling.
One plastic floater every 180 miles
Researchers found what they looked for after peering from the bridge while covering 5600 km by boat in the arctic.  They concede "the number sounds low".  The people from the Wegener Institute spotted 31 bits of plastic debris, less than one old Javex bottle or fishing float every 180 kilometers. That is so low, a better report would say, "Arctic waters unpolluted".  They point out plastic can break into smaller pieces too small to see from a boat.  They remind us that there is more on the bottom than on the surface and there are six known clumps of garbage on the world's oceans.  But give me a break and stop pushing the alarm button to get attention and research money.

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