Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Defeat the Media Party before the next election, never mind Trudeau fils.

We always have LIV's but who steers their vote?  Low Information Voters are swayed by the same Media Party that registered to campaign against Harper in the election, the Media Party that slants news and opinion every day of every year, not just 78 days every fourth year. ( The journalists reporting our election belong to a union registered to lobby for the other side.)

The premier equalizer is the speed-of-light internet with blogs, twitters and facebook posts that creep every day past the gatekeepers of the news.  Videos of what politicians actually said today and in the past are accessible.  Blogging Tories is one tool that weaponizes conservative citizens to be heard widely despite having no war chest filled with lucre.
The late journalist, Liebling, came up with
the freedom of the press quote.
Scarcely ten years have passed since the smartphone revolution and politics-as-usual will be shaken to its core for at least two more decades. The government scene must yet bend to accommodate some millions of new voices.

 Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one" is the old truth.  The new truth is that any citizen with a will to be heard can publish freely and cheaply. The market price of political influence is dropping as competition is added.

Cheers for Blogging Tories and behind the scenes to Stephen Taylor and Craig Smith.

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