Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Dem debate snapshot

The popular vote by a landslide goes to Sanders with Webb 2nd and Clinton a distant 3rd. (400,000 voted at Drudge). Sanders raised a ton of money immediately after and gained 35,000 twitter followers..   Despite this, Bernie Sanders "went face first into the tank for Hillary on her emails" and you know he'll drop out before the finish line if he won't attack her sneaky character and judgement error.  This fetched an unfeigned smile from Hillary.  As Trump (who tweeted and was bored by the whole thing but picked up 70,000 twitter followers) said, "she did what she had to do". It was a good night for her. Then she made herself a target by saying she was proud of making Republicans her enemies.  That looks after half the country. When Sanders said we should stop talking about Clinton's emails, the press cheered.  Most also stayed in their seats when the national anthem was sung, confirming why Instapundit calls them "Democratic operatives with bylines."   In evidence, CNN is deleting critical comments by Sanders supporters from its post debate site.

Fifteen million watched compared to twenty four for the GOP.  This is being mocked on line but is a Dem record.

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