Sunday, 25 October 2015

Gatekeepers Are Losing Control

The cost of reaching for the levers of power has come down by an order of magnitude.  Carson and Trump are cruising on earned media and Trump doesn't have to cuddle up to money bags.  Canada would have more choice in leaders if voters weighed in on who gets to be PM as well as who represents the riding.   The LPC, CPC and NDP party gate keepers have more control on who gets to be boss here than under a presidential CEO system.

Digitally-powered emails, blogs, facebook, twitter, texts and a proliferation of channels and websites have multiplied the doors into the public eye and brought the cost of contact to pennies-per-thousand-people.  Blogging Tories is part of this revolution.

Carson has been a neurosurgeon and manager but never part of inner circle politics but here he is leading in recent Iowa polls.

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  1. I like our system, where we don't have idiots like Trump becoming a serious candidate.