Friday, 16 October 2015

Trumpaholic II

I think I'll have another drink.  

Exhibit 1   Does he negotiate well?
Trump called his top rival Carson and they co-signed an ultimatum to CBS to limit debate to two hours and include opening and closing statements. The other Republicans were grumbling that they hadn't been consulted, the debate was too long and there were no statements.  Trump recruited an ally and leveraged his advantage (eyeballs watching CBS for advertising revenue) while the rest wimped out. The Art of the Deal.  CBS blinked.

Exhibit 2  Did he treat past winners well on his Apprentice show?
"When Fortune surveyed most of the winners from the original, pre-celebrity series, they praised his loyalty, attention to detail, and willingness to share practical advice once they came to work for him. One described Trump as “a guy who held up his end of the bargain,” adding, “he truly took me under his wing.”

Exhibit 3   Will he be hard to bribe?
"One odd thing about the Republican presidential race is that the strong front-runner, Donald Trump, isn't fundraising. Soliciting contributions takes a huge amount of the time for most candidates, and the quarterly reports of how much they have raised and how much cash they have on hand become carefully-watched measures of their campaigns' viability. None of that applies to Trump".
    (He has received a little over $5,000,000 unsollicited.  His biggest expense is T-shirts & hats with use of his own airplane coming second.   He phones, he tweets, people come to his apartment and he earns a lot of free media.)

Signing his income tax return, posted on Twitter by himself.

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