Saturday, 14 November 2015

I cannot wear a poppy on Remembrance Day.

Obama is not a mass murderer but he has been unplugging the safety stops that hold back barbarians, like a madman roaming the holds of the Titanic and locking open the flood doors.  I've never been so angry towards a leader in my life.   When discrimination is out,  judgement is out too and the indiscriminate have the upper hand.    Trudeau and Obama are incapable of saying "Islam commends killing khafirs and Jews".    As Ann Coulter tweeted, "Donald Trump was elected president tonight".  Trump acts rudely but stands his ground.     When you read what world leaders say, discard all observations that ignore that the Paris attacks were inspired by Islam and carried out by real Muslim believers.
Obama's inscribed wedding ring which he wore
before he married too:  "There is no God but Allah
The same guy who said in 2007
that the Muslim call to prayer is
one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”
Because of Obama's dereliction while holding exceptional power, I hate him and hate the blood which will be spilled by millions in his wake.  ISIS and its litter-mates are militarily weak but the safety barriers between us and their fervour are weak or missing.  I find I can't wear a poppy on Remembrance Day because of the wave of grief that overwhelms me.


  1. Maybe Hairy Fairy wears one too. Around his penis.

  2. I hear you, Ken. What could be worse than entrusting your patriotic children and grandchildren to a C-in-C who doesn't believe in winning wars? Much has been said already on these pages about defeatist attitudes permeating Western populations and culminating in wussy leadership, and there is no reason to hope that localized massacres will awaken a fighting spirit in the kind of people who would elect an Obama or a Trudeau. Not with a bang but a whimper.