Friday, 25 December 2015

Data Farming: YOU are the Harvest

Privacy is so yesterday.

Finding out a little about a thousand people is almost the same as finding everything out about you.  Data Farming is intrusive, fascinating.  You are already a citizen of this farm but the harvest has just begun.  Today's example is a map of London showing how visitors deal with the city.  A million Flickr photos with London GPS tags were harvested and mapped. What do they tell you? 

What to include on your London holiday and where you probably went last time.
Where to start a restaurant or plan better transit.
Where it's safe to walk and the London hidden from view.

Howeasily GPS goes to the next level, featuring YOU.
Dunstan Orchard posts the GPS track of where he ran in a June 21 soccer game.
This is voluntary disclosure but the data base was there for others to capture.
Your life is the news.  Insignificance, not privacy, will keep you out of the public eye.

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