Monday, 28 December 2015

Human nature is illegal if spanking is illegal

Trudeau supports turning spanking parents into criminals, but legislation is playing catch-up to culture. 

Spanking has been in decline for years. As compulsory education was imposed right after near- universal literacy was achieved, so legislation that bans slaps and swats is politicians wanting credit for what culture has already wrought. Time out and rebuke have been working for some but an occasional swat still teaches cubs and kids to behave.

As a kid, I remember being afraid of the strap and it kept me out of scrapes until conscience grew. I went on to be a parent that spanked his children. Most of the older kid discipline was a stupid waste of time and goodwill but most of the toddler discipline was pure gold. I hold his little hand in mine, palm up, tell him to do what's right in future, stare grimly into his face, apply a half second slap on that palm and the correction is complete. The beloved toddler’s face crinkles and maybe a tear drop falls. Suddenly our home is safer, the china on the table is unbroken, junior stays away from open stairs, talks respectfully to his mom, and looks at me first instead of just hitting his brother.

Perhaps I’m grandfathered-in for past spanking and perhaps some was just bad-tempered stupidity but no regrets. A law that criminalizes parents for doing their best to keep their kids safe, out of trouble and sociable is bad law. And it’s unnecessary law. Canadians are spanking less and cruel excess brings in police and social services.
The Liberal government plans to repeal a section of the Criminal
Code that protects parents and teachers who use spanking
and other "reasonable" force against children.

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  1. The problem is the homes where abuse exists. Billions are spend on policing, etc.