Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Obama's Legacy is Trump

Thanks to Barack, divides in America increased. "Trump is the perfect personality to exploit these divides, offering the promise of an authoritarian who represents the people in place of an authoritarian who represented the elites".   (At home in Canada, we have Mini-Me walking in Obama's footsteps.)

Domenech at the Federalist:
"President Obama’s America has given rise to Donald Trump. It is an America that is more tribalist, where people feel more racially and religiously divided; more politically correct, where people feel less free to speak their minds; and it is an America where trust in the nation’s elites, whose skills are credentialed but unproven, are at historic lows. These are the wages of progressivism at the end of the day. Big government inevitably leads to government incompetence. That incompetence leads to growing and now dominant distrust – both in government’s basic competence, and in the values of the people who still insist upon it".

And, hat tip to Instapundit:
Footnote from the National Review talking about the Overton Window (the range of acceptable political discourse):  "While many of Trump’s actual proposals are misguided, nonsensical, or untenable, by smashing the window, he’s begun the process of freeing the American people from the artificial and destructive constraints of Left-defined discourse. 

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