Saturday, 26 December 2015

Trump's Foresight

Trump copyrighted "Make America Great Again" right after Romney lost in 2012.  That's planning three years ahead for a run at the presidency which he hinted at even earlier at the close of  "The Art of the Deal".   He speaks off the cuff but somehow keeps getting inside other people's OODA loop like the man in charge, not the scatterbrain.  His competitors are busy re-orienting as he redefines debate.   Accused of being "chaotic", he intently managed the Trump Tower look until everything he asked for was realized and then insists that it be constantly kept in top polish.  Accused of being a braggart, well, that's true, he is. But he's not out of control and no idiot.  Look at the toothed edges on his writing and try writing like that on impulse.  That is studied, aggressive, and focused.

I'm looking forward to watching Hillary Clinton get flustered and defensive in the presidential debate with Donald Trump.   

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