Saturday, 12 December 2015

Unelected Trump Is Acting President of the US

UPDATE December 24th, The Hill
"Trump has displaced President Obama as the central player on the political stage, with both parties reacting daily to his insults, tweets and attack lines."
Politicians shift to the breeze of culture because the greater shapes the lesser.   The King of Culture today is Donald Trump. He has begun to steer the state though holding no elected office.   Helmsman, Obama, is below decks beating up on Republicans.   Showman, Trump, harvests the media, 25:1 more coverage than the other GOP candidates but the real story is that he has opened a channel for the culture of all America and it's bubbling over into Canada's immigration plans, the Kremlin's accelerated expansion into Syria, and chatrooms where ISIS warriors are debating their next move.  His power comes from the culture's power and he has no peer today.

What people really care about powers the culture and to heed this is to listen to a messy dialogue, trialogue, polylogue.    Public discussion had shrunk to a PC monologue but Trump is moving the Overton Window or kicking down the doors and pent up voices are heard.   It's going to be messy but effective.     Deflations and depressions are messy too but they correct grave errors.

As to culture being king, rather than the pundits and rules, try this quote from The Evolution of Everything by Matt Ridley: The climate has no control knob, history has no five-star general

"Far more than we like to admit, the world is to a remarkable extent a self-organising, self-changing place.  Patterns emerge, trends evolve.  Skeins of geese form V's in the sky without meaning to, termites build cathedrals without architects, bees make hexagonal honeycombs without instruction, brains take shape without brain-makers, learning can happen without teaching, political events are shaped by history rather than vice versa.  The genome has no master gene, the brain has no command centre, the English language has no director, the economy has no chief executive, society has no president, the common law has no chief justice, the climate has no control knob, history has no five-star general."

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  1. Love him or hate him - Trump drives the narrative at home and abroad. Everyone is watching - and that is something to marvel at. He had 100% name recognition - this morning a Saudi prince got into the Trump wars. lol