Tuesday, 8 December 2015

We interned Japanese Canadians. Crazy Trump is only asking for a Muslim moratorium.

From Pearl Harbor to 1949, Japanese Canadians were uprooted, forced to sell their goods at grave discounts and interned in BC's Interior. No shots had been fired in Canada and neither the RCMP nor the DND asked Mackenzie King to do it.  Whence the outrage when Trump says halt Muslim immigration until the US government figures out how to defend America?

As individuals, most Japanese were unjustly treated by Canada but was the policy wrong? If homes, cars and goods had been placed in tax-funded escrow instead of sold in distress, would this change your mind?  When the planes appeared out of the sky December 7th over Pearl Harbor and the jets struck the twin towers September 11th, there was no justice for the victims.  A response robust enough to secure the Dominion will deal injustly with some.

Years later, there is more than peace between Japan and Canada. The Japanese-Canadian community is large on the West Coast, the men and women I have met impress me, and if my sons or daughter wanted to wed a member, they'd have my blessing.   The world won't come to an end if Muslim immigration to the US is damped way down for a few years.
CBC archives: Forced evacuation from the coast to the BC Interior.

I since came across a similar but extended article posted at Instapundit.

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