Wednesday, 23 December 2015

White Hot Fury In Wyoming: Ryan's Omnibus Dumped Napalm On It

"Look, I live deep in Flyover Country. In Wyoming. The single most Republican state in the nation.  And in coffee shops, bars, breweries, etc, you're going to meet Republicans - all the time. Everywhere. Republicans are not rare here. What few Democrats there are around here tend to keep their mouths shut. When EMT's around here ask patients "Do you know who is president right now?" as a test of mental acuity, the typical response is: "Unfortunately, yes." or an obscenity-laden tirade.  So we're Republican, OK? Really Republican. Democrats don't even bother running for many state offices here, Republicans run unopposed.   And right now, if the GOP leadership showed up in this state, they might not make it out alive. People are furious about the recent budget deal. They were royally PO'ed before, and supporting Trump more than any other candidate, but now, people want blood. Ryan's omnibus BS took what was a smoldering fire and dumped napalm on it. And the GOP leadership is even now claiming that they "didn't like it, but had to do it..." and other BS. Whatever support there was for someone other than Trump and Cruz has collapsed in the last week. What I'm overhearing now in political conversations is white-hot fury. So the GOP leadership has brought this upon themselves. They don't want to know anyone in flyover country because at this point, flyover country wants physical violence done to the GOP leadership."
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