Sunday, 3 January 2016

Missing User Information For Perfect Soft boiled Eggs: Review of Big Boss Egg Genie Egg Cooker. UPDATE

Big Boss is one of several cookers, probably the cheapest, and reviewed by many at Amazon and Walmart.  True soft-boiled eggs for breakfast are wonderful but user user info is missing.  Key points are DON"T USE THE PIN  and use a spoon for shelling.
New model has "auto off"

1.   Put a mark on the water cup so your usual amount is easy to spot.  The gradations on the cup are too fine to read while filling. Better yet, choose a measuring spoon of the right size.
2.  There's a pin for punching a hole in one end of the egg. DON'T USE IT. Everything that goes wrong is caused by drips of egg white coming out that hole, getting down into the water and causing the alarm to sound while the egg is still raw. The egg won't explode because the steam never gets much above 100C/212F.  Microwaves are different and can explode an egg easily because the top temperature is limited by how long the heat is on, not by the heat itself.
3.   Pointy end up:   Whichever end you put the hole in, that end must point up for cooking.  Otherwise, a small leak will trigger the problem in number 9.  This only matters if you use the pin.
4.  Less water cooks more eggs?  How can that be?  The Big Boss has seven holes and the steam rises through the holes to bathe the eggs.  Each egg blocks a hole so the water takes longer to escape.  Adding water makes the boiling longer but, adding eggs, makes the boiling longer too. So, you add water to get harder eggs and you subtract water to cook more eggs.  When done, there is an annoying  buzz and you have to physically unplug the cooker. (Newer model has an auto switch).
5.   If your fingers are dry, you can pick the egg right out of the steamer and drop it quickly in cool water.
6.  The tea spoon:  Use it to slip the shell off the softest egg, after cracking a starter point open. The little spoon follows the contour perfectly and pulls shell off in large sheets.   The other things you know about shelling eggs (don't use fresh ones, dip them in cold water, wait a while) are less important.  If you like really soft-boiled eggs, the egg will be like jelly in your hand but still will peel.  UPDATE: I've had success with two sorts of brown store eggs but had trouble peeling some white ones. So, the spoon is big, but it's not everything.
7.  Since you've never had soft boiled eggs out of the shell before, try sprinkling salt and pepper in a row on a piece of paper towel and roll the egg in it.
8.  Stain after the water has evaporated:  Reviewers seem to think the cooker makes the stain.  It just reveals dirt in the water you used and will appear in every cooker.  Use a bit of bottled water instead of tap water.  A wipe after it cools may be enough, or brush once with a green Grillo pad. You may need vinegar for tap water residue.

9.  You use the pin and you decide the cooker is no good  because the buzzer goes off before the eggs are cooked:  This happens when a little egg white dribbles down from the hole while cooking.  It looks like nothing but it matters.  A drop or two leaks or dangles into the water and persistent white-skinned bubbles foam up.  The bubble heats up faster than the water and the thermostat underneath thinks all the water must have boiled away to explain the temperature rise.  The cure is to take the eggs back out.  Wash the plastic support.  Clean every speck of egg off the metal pan where the water goes.  Every speck. Or try it next time without the pin hole.
10.   Useless bric-a-brac:  Throw away the poacher device and the veggie steamer plastic.  They are next to useless.  You can hacksaw the nearly useless upper knob from the dome.  The plastic dome can be handled even when eggs are steaming, as long as you keep your hand off the vent hole.

Seems like a lot of user info?  I like the device so much that it all comes in handy.


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