Monday, 25 January 2016

Saving for a re-tread instead of saving for retirement:

The singularity is arriving.  Your own stem cells and plug-and-play gene edits are about to transform what it means to be old.  Retirement won't mean what it used to mean. You can earn more if you want.  You can also run out of savings before you run out of days.  We'll be the guinea pigs.

Evidence:  Multiple Sclerosis victims conquer the disease with their own stem cells.  "Since we started treating patients three years ago, some of the results we have seen have been miraculous. This is not a word I would use lightly, but we have seen profound neurological improvements."

Evidence: Diabetic mice saved with insulin stem cells. "Scientists have successfully converted human skin cells into fully-functional pancreatic cells. The new cells produced insulin in response to changes in glucose levels, and, when transplanted into mice, the cells protected the animals from developing diabetes in a mouse model of the disease."

Evidence:  Macular degeneration reversible with stem cells?  The blind will see again.

From an earlier post, "The Blind Shall See"   New liver and lung tissue, new pituitary and eyeballs. And more.     Stem cells converted to mice semen resulted in live mouse births.

This is happening in our day.  We have lived to see it. 
I'm interested in a re-tread with fresh skin, a soft cornea with 20-20 vision, but perhaps I'll keep the thinned hair which looks distinguished and is easy to shampoo.


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