Monday, 25 January 2016

So what if Ted Cruz was born in Calgary?

Are Americans afraid Cruz would be a puppet of Trudeau fils?  Is nationalism so strong that we assume a dual or naturalized citizen will betray the homeland?  This is a version of "identity politics" and it's time it took a beating.  Has only a dog something worth saying about dog food?  Has only a black lesbian anything worth saying about black lesbians?  Can only a one-armed paper hanger talk intelligently about wall paper trouble?  

The flap in the states over Cruz' Canadian birth is embarrassing.  It's atavistic, baked into the genes, this distrust of someone who isn't from around here and one of us from way back.  It's especially odd to find this attitude in Canada when thousands of miles separate the communities "that make up this great land".  You could say that "nobody's from around here" when you look up and down the parliamentary benches and see MPs who have no neighbours or family in common from their growing up days.  Yet, there they sit, citizens and patriots all.    Identity politics is illogical to me but it isn't going away any time soon, at least not until Canadians stop cheering the national team franchised nearest to their own home town.

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