Saturday, 23 January 2016

Canada needs a Trump, not the Son of somebody.

Our culture is seizing up. The cream on top likes it and the milk on bottom hates it.  A Trump presidency will have more hands-on popular outcomes and fewer proxy fights where the players hide behind lawfare and PC interest group puppets.  It won't be what you call conservative but it will be a damn fine and overdue breath of fresh air.  He's no deep thinker and his positions will pivot to what works. He may just make America Great again.

"Lion rampant".  Neither donkey nor elephant.

And BTW, Mexico will pay for part of a wall.  There's not enough outrage down there to say flat out, "NO".  There'll be a face-saving way in which money spent in a related area will defray part of the cost of a wall and maybe that wall won't be complete, but it will still shift the illegal numbers down.


  1. trump is a liberal his connections are all liberal what canada needs more of is a Ted Cruz he is staunch conservative. he is hated bye the left. where as trump is attaracting alot of them. but your right we need someone who can actually Run our Country.

  2. Consider, Roy, that Trump is nationally known and accepted for what he obviously is while Cruz is unknown outside conservative circles. The media would demonize and ridicule candidate Cruz and he would lose worse than Romney. Trump, however, turns every media attempt to attack him into ever larger poll numbers. Look at the way he stuck it to Fox over Megyn Kelly as moderator .. huge viewership loss for fox since they barely outpaced their obscure business network's debate numbers and fell far short of CNN's debate. Trump is like WAC Bennett was, smart and pragmatic, leaning right or left as the situation required and, also barely coherent in public speaking unless you decoded his stutterings to find the political genius roots.