Saturday, 30 January 2016

Vulgar is good. Another Trump-themed post.

Trump gets schlonged with the term, "Vulgar".   Remember when the Roman church brought out the Vulgate?  They chose to make the secret knowledge of the church available to any common person who could read Latin.   The vulgar are the common people, the general public, what we call nowadays, voters.

For a thousand years, city folk have been snobbing it over country folk, what we call fly-over country.    "Peasant" and "Pagan" derive from the word for countryside.  The "Vulgar" are the general public.   The critics who came up with these terms for the bumpkins and great unwashed hordes at the gate, believe that they are civilized (Latin "civitatis" = city) and urbane (urbs = walled city).   Yes, Trump is vulgar, from the outermost burbs of New York where no civilized people would go, and accessible to commoners. He may not prevail but he deserves to.

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