Saturday, 13 February 2016

Climate Change Science Not Settled Any More: Perfect Storm Of Hypocrisy.

Australian climate scientists about to lose their jobs suddenly discovered the science isn't settled.  The chief of Australia's science agency ( CSIRO) cited the success of AGW research as he announced a layoff of 300 now-redundant scientists to cover a $110 million budget hole.  The need for more science was rediscovered briskly.

“Climate science is not solved,” declared Todd Lane, president of the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society. “Most of the uncertainty in climate projections is due to uncertainty about the ways to represent physical processes in climate models.

Will Steffen, Emeritus Professor at ANU and a Climate Councillor at the Climate Council of Australia. "We absolutely need to know more about the basic operation of the climate system".

John Church, a CSIRO climate researcher since 1978 who anticipates losing his job. “There is a clear need for ongoing sustained and enhanced observations. The science community is actually struggling to address these issues.”
I called this "hypocrisy" in the lede unfairly.  The AGW triumphalism was the hypocrisy.  This is a return to a more normal scientific state where hypothesis leads to tests and everything settled is tested and retested as knowledge comes to light.  So I hope.

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  1. Oh, it's settled alright. When these Australian "scientists" decided to trade in their reputations and work to promote AGW research, they must have thought they were cleverly gaming the system to their benefit.
    What they didn't consider was that in the process, they became no more than political activists, whose contributions were solely to bolster the aims of the government, and not to perform any (incidental) research.
    They performed their function so well, spreading the meme that mankind is directly responsible for the weather (and yes, I mean weather, not climate) that they made themselves redundant.
    I have no sympathy for them.