Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Trump - Nothing like the guy you see on television. Bring on the copycats.

After reading this warm-hearted anecdote, you may agree with me that Canada and the USA need Trump to come a very close second "pour encourager les autres".  Even a spectacular near miss will bring out bolder candidates for the next election, men and women with the confidence to run for high office with plain talk and an open heart for our country.

From the comments at Hot Air:
"  In 1989 I hitchhiked around America. At one point I found myself on the Island of Nantucket. It was early May, the height of Nantucket’s tourist season. I was pretty much out of money and bought myself a pack of hot dogs for supper.  I went to the harbor to eat them while watching the boats sail around the Island. On one of the private docks there are bungalows that belong to slip owners. Out in front of one of those bungalows was a man grilling several steaks.
   He saw me eating my raw hot dogs and offered to let me cook them on his grill. I put a couple of hot dogs on his grill, and gratefully accepted the beer he offered me. Then, to my surprise, as he was flipping one of his steaks, he knocked my hot dogs into the coals.
He feigned surprise and apologized, and gave me one of the steaks he was grilling.
Yes… the man I am talking about is Donald Trump. No, in 1998 I had no idea who Donald Trump was. I did not find out who he was for several more months.
   During the time were were sitting there drinking Heineken’s and eating our steaks we talked. For probably about 2 and a half to 3 hours. The private Donald Trump is nothing like the person you guys see on television. His sense of humor is slightly ribald, he is soft spoken and gentle. He is amazingly comfortable in his own skin. If the nominee, I am still not sure I will vote for him. But this I do know, anyone expecting him to be rude or snide in victory or even in defeat, have no clue who Donald Trump really is. They are making up a version of him in their own minds, that does not exist."