Sunday, 3 April 2016

Panama Papers blow the lid off secret money. Putin, FIFA, Iceland just for starters.

Snowden, Climategate and now the Panama Papers.   11 million files (not all illegal) cover decades of offshore paper facades designed to conceal what the powerful and rich are doing.  Stay tuned.  Several hundred reporters have been recruited to work with Suddeutsche Zeitung  The German newspaper received the 2.6 terabyte dump of secret files stolen from the Panama-based legal firm, Mossack Fonseca.

First contact and response at Suddeutsche Zeitung.
Guardian link.     $2 billion trail from Putin, FIFA, Iceland's PM. 
Sidney Morning Herald   mentions Xi Jinping too.
USA Today:  "Worldwide, Jaws Drop"  "Biggest data leak in history".

Stay tuned.
The death of privacy is the new normal.
The little guy loses it.  The big guy loses it.
Every dollar you spend, every GPS signal your phone emits, each page you view is tracked.
The same is happening to the market moguls and tyrants and the merely rich and influential.  Their secrets too are tempting targets.  They put up better walls than you and I but they attract bigger predators too.

Update: Illustrated lede at The Daily Mail.


  1. I think it is now time to seriously look into a consumption tax and get rid of the current tax system. Steve O

  2. panama leaks list big scandals of politicians, judges, celebrities and media persons