Monday, 25 April 2016

Romney's Dog On The Roof Should Have Won Him The Election.

Trump would have had a field day making you laugh.  Poor Mitt folded over Seamus, the Irish Setter, who got diarrhea while riding in the car top carrier.    That was Romney's most human moment in 2012.  His car is packed out with the kids and his wife and luggage for the holiday and their beloved dog got to ride on top instead of being left behind.
Seamus "Romney"
 A guy like this should have been president, seeing a simple friendly way to get things done when resources are short.  If Seamus hadn't stolen turkey off the counter before being loaded up, you'd never have heard the rest of it.  The righteous prigs who scolded him now have Donald J. Trump.    If I was an American, thanks to Seamus alone, I'd have voted for Mitt Romney.  Loved him for it but he wimped out and wiped out.
That's a lot of family to pack into the car.  Put a proper carrier on top with a windscreen and take away the mockery of Big Bird, and you see what I see.

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