Saturday, 25 June 2016

Our Robot Overlords

Robots and AI networks will be making battlefield calls:
"Bots will enable the automation of terrorism (a truly transformational development) ..... When any bot learns something, it can then share that "understanding" with every other bot connected to the cloud".  From John Robb (CIA consultant on future weapon systems) at Global Guerillas.
Think about it.  When one device learns a tactic, they all learn it.  A drone can fly into the soccer stadium and spray fake poison powder to stampede the crowd, or it can set off real explosives next to the head of a presidential candidate at the mike.  We can hack our enemies AI defence and teach all devices to bow and pray to Allah instead of firing a weapon when attacked.  This ain't Star Wars.  Some of it is off-the-shelf technology you can order from amazon.  It just hasn't been weaponized yet.  To own and defend The Cloud is to own the high ground.

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