Wednesday, 6 July 2016

CUPW Modernizes Business Banking In Canada

Our shop has been flooded with requests for on-line pay since CUPW threatened to strike and the Crown Corporation went for 72 hour lock-out notice.  We will send and receive payment over the wires for more stuff than ever before.  Thank you guys for the nudge to get with the new technology. We will never go back.

Glad to hear you guys are making a few bucks on small packet delivery.  Hope it's enough to protect those jobs and pensions.


  1. I'm with you on that. Have a client for whom I routinely sent out cheques; will be figuring out other methods of payment during this next month as well as signing up for electronic mail delivery of various bills and invoices.

  2. My online sales will drop to zero during a lockout. There is simply no competition for small package shipping in Canada. My shipping charges would have to jump from $4.05 to $30+ if I have to use a courier. In addition many of my large-order clients are municipalities and charities that only write paper cheques due to restrictions on their bank accounts.