Thursday, 15 December 2016

"Bug Bounty": Markets will protect us from hackers.

The US Army is eliminating the middle man and offering cash rewards direct to successful hackers.  "Cheaper and usually generates better results".  This could be applied to digital voting too.  It makes sense because generating useful data is a big investment while stolen data sells for pennies on the dollar.

  From Strategy Page:

"The American Army has recently launched the “Hack the Army” campaign. This is a bug bounty program in which the Army will offer cash rewards to hackers who find vulnerabilities in some selected systems and websites. This “Hack the Army” is a direct successor of previous "Hack the Pentagon" program launched earlier this year with the support from HackerOne, an organization dedicated to making the Internet a safer place for users. The program has brought many surprising discoveries when it comes to government websites. It was even commented by U.S. Defense Secretary who emphasized that this way is cheaper than the use of traditional penetration tests and tiger teams (which require a lot of expensive contractors). Moreover offering bug bounties, as many commercial software firms have discovered, is a lot cheaper and usually generates better results. As a result many even some of the biggest software companies, like Google, Microsoft or Facebook are using “bug bounty” programs because of these advantages." 

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