Friday, 6 January 2017

Perfect soft-boiled eggs from an egg cooker - Points to remember

Egg steamers are awesome and can deliver a perfect soft-boiled egg but there's points to remember:

1  Don't use the clever egg-puncture pin.   (Egg white leaks out, foams up, the device turns off too soon and it's hell to clean).
2  Consider using bought water if you like clean tools.   A wipe with a paper towel or dishcloth will keep the base shiny.Tap water leaves residue when it evaporates and is hard to clean. If you don't care, don't bother.  The eggs will taste the same.
  (Water Note:  If you have a cooker that lets steam come up from below through the empty egg holes, you'll find an odd instruction:  The more eggs you cook at a time, the less water you need because the steam escapes slowly when more of the holes are filled with eggs.  So yes, you add more water to get a hard boiled egg but you also add less water to get six hard boiled eggs than you do for one hard boiled egg.)
3   When cooking is almost done, sprinkle some salt and pepper in a row on a piece of paper towel and keep it handy.
4   You can let eggs sit in the cooker when they're done.  They keep cooking for a while. That way you can get really soft for your wife and half-firm for yourself from the same batch. 
5   Chill briefly under cold water so you can hold an egg in your hand and to help pop the membrane free from the egg.
6   Open the fat end of the egg first.  There's a little bubble at that end which makes it easier to start.
7   Use a teaspoon to peel open the egg.  Pick a spoon with about the same curve as your egg.
8   Don't bother cracking the egg shell a lot before you start peeling.  The shell can come off in large sheets.
9    Use a teaspoon!!
10  When I get the teaspoon started, I slide it most of the way down and then twist it towards my other hand holding the egg.  This cuts the membrane.  Then twist the spoon in the other direction and see if you can get the rest of the shell off in one or two pieces.  
11  Briefly rinse the egg to clean off any bits of shell.
12  On the paper, roll each egg along it once so it's evenly coated with salt and pepper. There's room for several side by side paths without using up all the salt.
13  Use the paper towel to wipe things up.
13  Eggs stay hot for several minutes which helps you get a warm breakfast on the table.

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  1. terima kasih atas inspirasinya! Betul sekali, makanan lezat serta sehat memang sangat penting, akan tetapi memasak dengan alat masak yang tepat juga sama pentingnya.