Friday, 12 May 2017

Trump's Border Wall: Promise Kept For Free

The wall along the US-Mexican border is already built, stopping three quarters of the migrant invasion.  It's been done for free with a change of attitude from the top.  As we enter peak inbound travel season, the numbers go down instead of up.  See year over year chart.  Policy moved the needle more than money did.

While Congress won't release wall funds that were already kabuki-style voted, let alone add the new ones President Trump asks for, I think the voters are satisfied.  The illegal alien problem has been shrunk four-fold for free.

Canada can move the needle with policy instead of borrowed money, too.  For example, all citizens can be first class, not split into regular citizens and Indian Affairs wards.  All food bought and sold in Canada can come and go at the price consumers will pay at home and abroad instead of what the cheese and milk police and their friends say.  Remember how the world was going to end when the Wheat Board died?  It didn't.   The same goes for lumber:  While we sing the blues about the tariff attack by the US, we have protest dirges when people in China will pay more for our logs than mills in B.C. think the logs are worth.


  1. Ken, we can add the export log situation to that of marketing boards and other friends-of-liberals government interventions. There are no large sawmills or pulpmills left in NW mainland BC and few on the South coast and Island. Those areas grow prime fir, cedar and spruce trees - fast - so logically should have thriving forest industries were it not for two bone-headed actions of government: ceding control over vast forests to Native Indians and eco-regulating the rest into the status of forbidden fruit. We profited as hewers of wood and drawers of water until liberals stole our resources to give their friends quick bucks, warm fuzzies or both.

    1. Good points. Related is that only 17% of BC land has individual property rights, enabling government to play God with the rest.