Thursday, 13 December 2018

Goodbye LIttle Brother, Hello Big Brother

One-baby-families summon big government.  Demography rules and it means "goodbye, little brother, hello Big Brother".  The math is easy.  You can explain it to a kid in Grade Three.  After two generations of one-kid-only, this is what you get:  No brother and no sisters.  No cousins.  No aunts and no uncles.   Say goodbye to a support system  and shared values outside the nuclear family of three. Going to church as a family for Thanksgiving, and singing Christmas carols with people from your neighbourhood, saying the Lord's prayer and singing "God Save The Queen" before class, cheering for the same hockey teams, watching Bonanza and Ed Sullivan Sunday nights and talking about it Monday morning: It's all extinct or trending there.

We need family and community.
Today's alternative has to be collective. 
The top candidate is The Deep State. 
A close second and gaining is the shame-chamber of Social Media.

The generation I'm looking at is the one coming right after the precious snowflakes now in the news for their petty rage.  These young adults will have no kinfolk, just parents and step-parents, and tons of grandparents.  Demography is merciless.  These folk will ask for more government and get it.  They will join digital tribes and mobs in exact measure as the family shrinks.  We need family and community.  This is today's price.

Goodbye little sister, little brother.
Hello Big Bro.

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