Saturday, 2 July 2011

Don't die yet Chavez

Chavez sick in bed instead of Chavez dead gives Venezuela time to right itself
without the bloodshed threatened by his brother.

His American friends  ( Penn, Code Pink, maybe even President Obama) say not a peep while he tried to end term limits and customize the constitution for his convenience. (This failed)
(Click to view the hand grip)
He was harboring Columbian terrorists and lied about it.
He has invited Iran to set up a missile base. (Maybe not)
Fidel Castro is his kind of buddy.
He's meddling in his neighbors' elections.  Columbia   Peru   Bolivia
He shuts down television stations he doesn't like.
He keeps thugs on hand to crack skulls.

"He's good to the poor people" I was told.
Food stocks have been disappearing from the shelves, stores are closing after prices were legislated below cost.  Venezuela "circling the drain".
Sheehan and two pinkies

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