Thursday, 21 July 2011

Obama losing 2008 bundlers.

In 2008, 105 people brought in over $200,000 each for Obama.  These are the bundlers.  Half of them got sweetheart appointments like ambassadorships and are unavailable.  Many of the rest dropped out too. They will vote for Obama but won't be out fund-raising.  Ben Smith of Politico interviews Pete Garcia who hasn't got the tingle this time. Professional Democratic Party operatives are replacing the starry-eyed.
              Obama's staff say the dropouts have been replaced.
Added August 3rd:  In Los Angeles, just 55 of Obama's 97 top bundlers are back, according to figures from the Center for Responsive Politics. In Chicago, only of 11 of the campaign's 84 bundlers returned.
(These figures include bundlers who brought in less than $200,000 in the 2008 election cycle.)

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