Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Petraeus brings local Rule of Law initiative to Afghanistan (bio-gas too)

Michel Yon's latest dispatch includes quotes from General Petraeus:
"As in any counter-insurgency, helping the host nation provide adequate resolution of local disputes is critical;  indeed, this is an area in which the insurgents can compete if strong governmental systems are not in place."  (The hated Taliban courts)
"A 'hub and spoke' approach to rule of law is slowly gaining traction as we support the Afghan-led  efforts to provide dispute resolution for the Afghan people."   (The hub includes a forensic lab).

BG Mark Martins
Yon explains that the man in charge, Brigadier General Mark Martins, is tasked also with implementing the biogas program converting domestic poop to cooking gas.  This local program uses the same community ties as Rule of Law.

General Petraeus has two good ears and a clear mind.

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