Saturday, 6 August 2011

Where is US gold? The Army has custody of all 261 million ounces.

"The gold storage is mostly split 50/50 between Fort Knox and West Point. What I find interesting about that is Fort Knox and West Point, of course, are both military installations. A lot of people know West Point as the military academy and think of it as a four year college, but it’s a military fort under military command and the vault there is as heavily guarded if not more heavily guarded than the vault at Fort Knox. So if you go by the saying, ‘possession is nine-tenths of the law’, I would say that the army controls (possesses) the gold.
       So it’s not the Fed, although there is some paper gold on the Fed balance sheet. Legally it is the Treasury, but in terms of custody, it’s the United States Army. So that’s where the gold is."
Jim Rickards.
Jim Rickards of King World News.

The Federal Reserve Banks have gold certificates but the US Treasury balance sheet has the actual gold and the US army has the custody of that gold, some 261 million ounces.

h/t Ian Nunn

Link:  Central Banks, Jewellery and Private vaults account for the rest of the world's gold.

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