Monday, 19 September 2011

Nader approves Palin's populism

naderRalph Nader told Salon he liked what he heard in Sarah Palin's Indianola speech.
"I think she's a lot smarter than most people credit her," says Nader. "Judging by her comments, she is squarely in the camp of conservative populism, opposed to corporatism and its corporate state."
Salon adds:  "She took aim at both parties for governing in service of their big campaign contributors. This sounded to us like Nader. And Nader agreed."
"When she was governor of Alaska she really did take on the oil industry, and [she also] approved a statewide referendum that resulted in the first state in the Union to regulate cruise lines and their pollution offshore," he says. "So there is a precursor to these remarks."
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