Monday, 19 September 2011

Race Quotas at Wisconsin University. Update: Student mob protest egged on by staff

First, a startling view of race preference:

Information is from Center for Equal Opportunity, h/t Small Dead Animals pointing to American Thinker.

Second, to moderate this view:  The actual numbers of Hispanic and Black students applying were low.  The first chart doesn't say they were 100% accepted but that 100% of those meeting the benchmark were accepted.  In fact, Black students were only 2.2% of applicants in 2008 and 2.6% of admittees.

Third:  The Centre for Equal Opportunity has conducted a dozen similar admissions studies, noted on page 5 of the document.

Update:  Mobbed students disrupted the first presentation after the Vice-Provost for Diversity and Climate called an "urgent meeting" and told the students, "Don't wait for us to show the way" and declared "CEO has one mission and one mission only: dismantle the gains that were achieved b the civil-rights movement". The article links to earlier reports from Ann Althouse and others.  NY Times didn't report the story (Dog bites man).  A second presentation was not loudly disrupted.

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