Monday, 14 November 2011

Breakthrough: Heart renewed by its own stem cells

Our health future is going to change - The Telegraph's headline says it all:
Stem cell test is 'biggest breakthrough in treating heart attacks for a generation'
Sixteen were treated with their own heart stem cells and seven were not.
They all had hearts with pumping efficiency at or below 40% instead of the normal 50% and higher.  (LVEF rating).  A year later, the average LVEF number was above 52% for the sixteen lucky ones.  The other seven hadn't improved.

Dr. Bolli's work on the Scipio project
is described in detail in this
Louisville Magazine article.
The patients chosen for the Scipio test had severely damaged hearts.  Rare cardiac stem cells from each patient were extracted, multiplied for four months until they numbered about one million each, and were then injected back into damaged heart tissue.

Miracles with stem cells are becoming the new norm.

Related:  A protein (oncostatin M) can trigger heart cells to change into their precursors and trigger self-healing of the heart     No needle required.

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