Friday, 16 December 2011

Obama dropping veto against Canadian Keystone pipeline - Twitter

From Gateway Pundit:   "The word on the Twitter street is that there’s a new deal, according to Guy Benson:  Payroll tax break for 2 months;  Keystone Pipeline authorized;  No tax hikes;  Fully paid for in other cuts"

Only job-creating item in the bill.
This goes with the sop reported last night, a nine month reprieve on the incandescent bulb ban, too late to save the lost American jobs but the tiniest glimmer of respect for citizen choice..

Obama has company:  "The biggest obstacle at the end was the legal challenge mounted by the Republican governor of Nebraska who vowed to fight the pipeline to prevent it from traversing his state".
Related: Obama and Reid are facing revolt in their caucus over green-pandering on American jobs 
How radical is this idea of another pipeline? (h/t John Mauldin and Small Dead Animals)

And in case you think the pipeline has no American champion, listen to Gingrich's barnburner answer in the debate last night. (Under 3 minutes).

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