Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yard sales are free markets, more democratic than democracy.

I've noticed everywhere I go people keenly bargain with their neighbours. These same folks tend to be stifled and stifling where government defines what they can do.  People will trade any unregistered stuff they have for cash and a handshake.  Many people think it's obscene for a hundred billion dollar business to make a one percent profit in a year but won't hesitate to turn around and ask twenty five bucks for a cupboard they picked up minutes ago in a yard sale for ten bucks.  (250% profit for a few minutes work, never mind a whole year of toil.).  Anybody who shows up gets a vote in what happens at a yard sale. 

I like that twenty five bucks turnaround.  It's free markets at work.

Stephen Hayward at Power Line:  "Markets are more truly democratic than are our corrupted “democratic” institutions of the modern administrative state".  He is commenting on Howard Meyerson's WaPo column that says, "“Democracy is losing ground to markets.”

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