Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Canadians upbeat, Americans no so much, about their prospects

Look at this word cloud from USA Today.  Their readers were asked for one word to describe The State of the Union:  The winning answer:"Screwed"! 
Compare that to the Angus Reid poll information from October 2012.
"In the online survey of representative national samples, most Canadians 63% rate the current economic conditions in their country as “very good” or “good.”In the United States, only one-in-five respondents 20% feel the country’s economic conditions are positive. In Britain, the level of confidence is in the single digits 9%."

You cant be serious!  That nice man from the NDP
said I'm getting a Tickle Me Elmo.
h/t for the former (Instapundit) and for the latter (David Akin's On The Hill).
What fare do they sup on, those who believe the NDP will do more for Canada than the Harper Government?

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