Sunday, 9 June 2013

What if China hacks the NSA Data Trove?

"China hack the US government? Ridiculous" writes Instapundit dryly.
"When", not "What if" is the only question.
Think about it.
Who just won the annual NSA-sponsored hacking contest?  Two Americans, ten Russians and twenty Chinese out of 70 finalists.  (Computerworld, linked by The Atlantic.)

Chuang Tzu commented:
In taking precautions against thieves who cut open satchels, search bags, and break open boxes, people are sure to cord and fasten them well, and to employ strong bonds and clasps; and in this they are ordinarily said to show their wisdom. When a great thief comes, however, he shoulders the box, lifts up the satchel, carries off the bag, and runs away with them, afraid only that the cords, bonds, and clasps may not be secure; and in this case what was called the wisdom (of the owners) proves to be nothing but a collecting of the things for the great thief.

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