Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Less Smog Allows More Sunshine. Do you think that might change climate?

Toronto skyline
Clean Air Laws worked and now daily about 20% more sunshine makes it to the surface of the earth than fifty years ago.    This has been warming our earth.   Another term for that is "global warming". The simplest explanations are best as Anthony Watts notes.  How can something this basic be overlooked?

Less haze in Southern Ontario these days.
Easy.  See this link to "Mass herds of meat animals will save the planet and reverse climate change".  Grazing errors and misinformed park creation have expanded our deserts over great tracts of the earth.   This makes for a lot of bare, parched and un-shaded ground that gets very hot on a summer's day. The air above is heated. Another term for that is "global warming".

Just possibly the shiny thing in the sky by day influences climate too.  Until recently, few realized cloud formation was triggered by solar cosmic rays which make aerosol particles on which water vapour condenses.  Remember too that a significant number of weather stations are giving false readings where pavement and cities encroach. (Researching this was how Anthony Watts first came to public attention).

Global Temperature
Maybe time to cool it.
How can you keep a straight face when you hear global warming   climate change  whatever is caused by capitalists and oil?

Puzzling me is why has temperature rise stalled or reversed in the last decade? Don't bother mocking the discomfited AGW adherents.  What new factor is prevailing?  Is the precipice of the next ice age at hand or a local conturbation?

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