Saturday, 31 August 2013

Trudeau The Second.

"Shiny Pony" I can live with as an electoral mistake but "Trudeau II" is an offence against constitutional government.  Give me steak fresh from the barbie, not warmed up sausage.  We've gotten accustomed to Hollywood cranking out reruns but don't do it in Ottawa too.  The United States is far down that road with talk of Bush III and Clinton II.  This is tribalism with hereditary chieftains.

Nisga'a Hereditary Chieftain
Who raises an electorate to cheer and vote for the son and daughter of?  That's unreason, tribalism that sides with people kind of like ourselves who share an encampment.

As was wisely said:
"You cannot argue someone out of what they weren't argued into"  (Comment by DreadPirateRoberts.)

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